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Where in the Shares app can I find the news?

As our range of services depend on your country of residence, we will show you news articles that are relevant to you. You can head to the Invest section of the app where you will find the latest financial market news, which will include news for any asset that is currently available in the Shares app. If you go to preview a specific asset - you will see news that are related to that specific asset.

Where does Shares get the news from?

We have hand-picked credible, reliable and industry recognised news sites to bring you easily understandable financial news. We work with a news aggregator, CityFALCON, who provides us with real-time financial market news that we display in the app.

What news sites are included in the Shares app?

We have included the below news sites, the list will be continuously reviewed and updated as appropriate to keep a high standard of quality and relevant content:

How do we decide what news to show you?

We will show you the most popular stock market or cryptocurrency news articles from the previous 24h. You will see 8 articles and the content will be regularly refreshed to make sure you only see the news that matter. We also exclude ‘’similar stories’’ to make sure you’re not reading the same story twice.

For any asset-specific news - if there isn’t enough coverage in the past 24h, you will see some older articles and still be able to understand what has happened with the company.

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