You may have spotted Ambassadors on Shares from their unique badge and wondered what exactly that title means. Well, this article aims to give you a full breakdown of who the Shares Ambassadors are, what they do and why they exist.

Ambassadors are Shares users who are passionate about investing; but they’re not financial advisors or trading experts. They will not provide users with financial advice, nor should users seek advice from them (or anyone on the Shares app). If a user would like to seek financial advice, they should do so from an independent professional.

Ambassadors are on Shares to post interesting content in Shares Communities, to engage with other users and discuss relevant news and – of course – use the app to build and manage their portfolio.

Ambassadors are compensated by Shares and can trade on Shares using this compensation. When they do this, they will disclose it to other users who may see their activity.

Ultimately, Shares Ambassadors are important members of our community, who are always happy to make new friends. Don’t be afraid to add them to your friends list and join the fun!

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