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How do I understand my crypto portfolio?
How do I understand my crypto portfolio?

Learn more about the details of analysing your crypto portfolio here.

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*Crypto trading, countries: Belgium, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Latvia, Sweden, Slovenia, and Portugal only.

When you open the app, you’ll land on the “Invest” tab, which looks like this:

Screenshot of the invest screen

It shows your portfolio value (which sums up the value of all your investments), all the cryptos you own and the watchlist you’ve created.

You can also see your total gains. This value will be positive if your portfolio has increased in value or negative if it’s lost its value.

You can select different time ranges to check how the value of your portfolio changed during that period:

1D = 1 day

1W = 1 week

1M = 1 month

1Y = 1 year

5Y = 5 year

Above the price chart, you can see the total current value of your portfolio and the % change during the selected timeframe.

You can tap on any part of the chart to see the value of your portfolio at a specific point. The value will update above the chart accordingly.

Tapping on a chart will also allow you to see the % change of your portfolio value at that moment compared to the first price point on the chart.

For example, say you’re viewing the graph on 15th December and choosing the 1W (one week) range. If you tap the chart on 14th December at 5:00pm, you’ll see the % change of your portfolio value between the first trading price on 8th December and the 14th December at 5:00pm.

Don’t forget: the larger the time range you select, the larger the scale of your chart:

1D – 1 minute price points

1W – 1 hour price points

1M – daily price points

1Y – daily price points

5Y – weekly price points

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