Do I own my crypto assets?

All you need to know about the ownership of your crypto assets.

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*Crypto trading, countries: Belgium, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Latvia, Sweden, Slovenia, and Portugal only.

We offer our users custodial wallets through our third-party service provider. Any cryptocurrencies you purchase on Shares will be stored securely in the custodial wallet that’s assigned to you, and available for trading at any time.

As the custodian, Shares will safely hold the private keys to these wallets. You won’t be able to send or receive cryptocurrencies to this wallet from elsewhere, but will have complete control over the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies on the Shares platform.

Shares is committed to creating a very safe and secure community for our users. That’s why we have comprehensive security practices in place to protect your assets.

We’d like to point out that our users’ funds are never repurposed, meaning we don’t use our customers’ funds for other reasons, such as lending, trading or any other commercial activity. Only you have the right to sell the cryptocurrencies you purchase on the Shares platform.

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