Looking to try social investing? Let’s open your account!

You can choose between 2 types of accounts:

  • Social: to only stay connected with your friends

  • Investing: to make investments (buy and sell assets)

Everything starts with the app, download Shares using the links below:

Once done, create your profile by following the instructions on-screen and you’re good to go!

The social profile is ready!


If you want to start investing immediately, complete your profile by initiating the identity verification process, you will be asked for personal information such as legal name, date of birth, citizenship, home address, and funding source.


You will also need to upload some documents. You may be asked for documents that will prove your identity (national ID, passport), address (for example bank account statement - document must contain the following information: bank name, statement date, customer name and address - issued within the last 3 months for the requirements; mortgage statement; Internet + landline bill - but not Internet bill alone, without the landline - issued within the last 3 months).

We may also ask you for your source of funds.

In most cases, the verification happens in real-time, if that’s not your case, don’t panic!

Same if the verification fails, check our requirements and try again.

What Is The Minimum Age To Join Shares?

To open an account in Shares, regardless of the type, you will need to be 18 years or the legal age in your country of residence.

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