To set up an investing account, we will need you to provide us with the following information as required by law:

  1. Financial information, such as the range of your annual income, and the amount you intend to invest

  2. Employer industry

  3. Information about affiliations, whether you are affiliated with or work for the US-registered broker-dealer or FINRA, a senior executive or a 10% shareholder in a publicly-traded company, and whether you are a current or former politically exposed person or a close associate of one

  4. Photo ID for Identity Verification

  5. Proof of Address

  6. Tax identification number

Where necessary, we may request additional documents such as proof of wealth/funds (payslips, bank statements, invoices, inheritance confirmations, etc.).

This appears to be a lengthy procedure, but most of our customers complete it in under 5 minutes!

What if I don’t have some of these documents or information?

Unfortunately, we are required by law to ask for specific details and documents but don’t worry!

While you might not be able to invest, our social platform is always available!

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