Shares empowers users to interact socially thanks to the Activity feed. You can define the visibility of your trades when placing an order by doing the following:

  1. Access the Investing screen by clicking the icon below on the bottom left of the navigation bar.

  2. Clicking on the asset that you want to buy/sell. If the desired asset is not visible on the home screen, simply click on the magnifier lent icon to search for it.

  3. Once the asset details page has opened, select either the “Buy” or “Sell” button to perform a trade.

  4. Fill in the amount that you want to buy or sell.

  5. To change the visibility of that trade, click on the icon below, in the right-hand corner.

  6. It then triggers a pop-up window “Who can see this?” with three options for you to choose from:

    • Public (means you will share your activity to all users on the platform)

    • Friends (only your friends will see your activity)

    • Ghost mode (an anonymous activity will appear on the friends’ activity feed - no one will know which asset was traded and who traded)

  7. Choose the preferred option.

  8. Once the selection has been made, you will be redirected to the previous “Order Review'' page which means your visibility choice has been confirmed.

  9. Press “Review” then “Confirm” when you are ready to submit the order.


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