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How to send a referral to a friend?
How to send a referral to a friend?

Everything about how to send a referral link to invite your friends to Shares

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*Countries: UK only.

Step 1. Access your Profile by tapping on your picture in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2. From the Profile menu, select the "Invite friends" button to invite your friends via your preferred channel.

You can invite your friends by either tapping on the “Invite” button next to your contact or you can share your personal referral link via your preferred channel by tapping on “Share”.

Step 3. Wait for your friend to register on the app, successfully pass all verification checks and deposit at least £1 to their Shares account. You can help them to go through all the steps by sharing the How to get a bonus after being referred to Shares? article.


How much do I get for successfully referring a friend?

We’ll fund your account with £20.

What will my friend get if they register through my link?

After completing their first deposit, they will be able to invest £5 in a Shares stock of their choice.

When will I see my bonus on the account?

We will automatically add £20 to your balance within less than 24 hours after your referee successfully registers to the app, completes all the onboarding questionnaires and deposits at least £1 to their Shares account.

Can I use the referral bonus for investments?

Yes. You can invest your £20 in any Shares stock of your choice at any time.

Can I withdraw the referral bonus or do I have to invest it?

The possibility to withdraw a referral cash bonus becomes available 30 days after you get the bonus credited to your account. In the meantime, the money will remain in your Shares account and is available for you to invest.

Why don’t I see an option to refer a friend?

You can only refer your friends if you have fully completed the onboarding process. That includes creating your social profile, creating your investing profile (passing all the onboarding questionnaires) and depositing funds to your Shares account at least once.

If you’ve completed all the steps and still don’t see a banner, contact our in-app chat support team and we will help you out.

Can I invite friends from outside of the UK to get a referral bonus?

No. The referral programme is currently only available to our UK members.

How many friends can I invite?

You are eligible for a referral bonus for the first 10 successfully referred friends (£200). Once that number has been reached, you will still be able to invite friends though you will no longer be eligible for the £20 bonus.

Can I see the list of people I’ve referred to Shares?

Yes. Tap on the “Invite Friends” banner and get to the list of your contacts, then tap on the “My invitees” button at the top right corner. This will show you all the people who have already signed up to Shares via your link, as well as their status i.e. whether they have successfully onboarded to Shares.

Why don't I see my friend on the list of my invitees?

There can be multiple reasons:

  • Your friend received the referral link but hasn’t signed up to Shares yet.

  • Your friend has created an account in Shares, but not by following your link. It’s critical that your invitee taps on your link while being on a mobile phone and downloads the app straight away.

If you believe that your friend has completed all the necessary steps, contact our support team and we will investigate the case.

Can I invite friends who are not on my contact list?

Yes, you can invite others via your referral link. In this case, select the “Share” button next to your personal link at the button on the screen. You’ll see multiple options on where you can post your message.

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