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Where can I find information about my upcoming dividend payments?
Where can I find information about my upcoming dividend payments?

Find out information about your upcoming dividend payments here.

Updated over a week ago

*Stock trading: countries: UK, France, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg

To make it easier for you to identify when you will receive dividends, we have built in a way for you to check your upcoming dividend payments in the Dividend Calendar.

The Dividend Calendar is visible in your invest home screen. As you scroll down your invest home screen, below your portfolio section, you can find the section “Dividend calendar”.

The dividend calendar section will display the upcoming dividend payments you are eligible for. On the banner, it will display the payment date and the dividend amount you will receive per share you own.

When you tap on a particular dividend payout in the dividend calendar, it will display the details which include the ex-dividend date, payment date, and dividend rate.

To understand the various dividend dates, check: What are dividends?

Please note that the Dividend Calendar will be visible only if you hold at least one stock for which you are eligible to receive a dividend. The dividend needs to have been announced for it to be displayed - i.e. if you own a stock that just paid a dividend, it won’t show the next event until the company has declared it.

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