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Why is my market order pending?

Check out the various reasons for why your order is showing as “pending”.

Updated over a week ago

*Stock trading: countries: UK, France, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg

If your buy/sell order is showing as “pending”, there can be several reasons for this.

  • As soon as you make a buy/sell order on our app, this order is then routed to our third-party exchange for execution. This is the initial state of every order you make on our app. Usually, this order is completed within a few minutes but it can take longer if you make an order outside of market trading hours.

  • Your order could have been received by our third-party exchange and is being evaluated for pricing. This delay only happens on rare occasions.

  • Your order has been partially fulfilled.

  • Your order has finished executing for the day and will not receive any further updates until the next trading day.

  • The order is awaiting to be replaced with another order, in which case it will reject a “cancel” request.

  • The order is waiting to be cancelled after you requested a cancellation during the orders pending buy/sell state.

  • Your order has been received by our third-party exchange but has not yet been accepted for execution. This only occurs on rare occasions.

  • The order has been completed for the day but the remaining settlement calculations are still pending. This only occurs on rare occasions.

Please note that this article refers only to market orders. If you are looking for information about recurring orders being executed, please check: What are the different order types available in Shares?

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