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I want to invite my friends
I’ve invited my friends, what should they do now?
I’ve invited my friends, what should they do now?

Check out what your friend must do after being invited.

Updated yesterday

*Countries: UK only.

Congratulations on inviting your friends; It is now time for you to ask your friend to do four simple things, ⚠️ please note that those are mandatory, for you to qualify for the reward:

1. Your friend must click on the referral link you sent them on their phone (and not on any other device!)

2. They will be directed to the App Store or Google Play to download the Shares app. If they had an account with Shares before - both you and your friend will NOT be eligible for the reward.

3. Your friend joins Shares and successfully goes through the social and investing onboarding processes.

4. They make a minimum deposit of £1 into their account.

That is it. After four simple steps, you will receive £20 in cash reward and your friend will receive £5 to invest in a selected stock.

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