*Countries: UK only.

Yes! 🤑

After completing the mandatory steps they will receive £5 from Shares to invest in a stock of their choice.

You are eligible for a referral reward if the overall sum of money you earned from the referral program didn’t exceed £200 (first 10 friends).

Once that number has been reached, you will still be able to invite friends though you will no longer be eligible for the £20 reward.

You can invite your friends via your preferred social channel.

You can send them an invitation over SMS by clicking “Invite” next to their names. Shares will populate an invitation SMS message for you to send.

You can also invite friends by sharing your referral link.

You can invite your friends by either clicking on the “Invite” button next to your contact or you can share your referral link via your preferred channel by tapping on “Share”.

Then, all you need to do is wait for your friend to register on the app, successfully pass all Know Your Customer checks, and top up their account with at least £1.

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