*Countries: UK only.

Yes! After downloading the Shares App through the invitation link, and completing your first top-up, we will invest £5 in a stock of your choice so you’ll get a free fraction of a chosen share. To get your referral reward, follow these simple steps:

  • Follow the link you’ve received from your friend to download the Shares app. When you click on the link you will get redirected to Google Play or App Store. Make sure you download the app only through that dedicated link.

  • When the app is installed, go through the sign-up process. Make sure you create both your social as well as investment profiles. Get your ID ready as we will ask for it to verify your identity. *Note that you can have an investment profile only if you’re a resident of the UK*. During the onboarding flow, you will be able to choose your special present - a stock you’d like us to invest £5 in on your behalf. You can choose any stock available on our platform.

  • Top up your account with at least £1, and you’re done! We will automatically buy you the stock you’ve chosen for £5 when the market opens. Till that time you will see the chosen stock with the pending status.

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