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What are price alerts?
What are price alerts?

Learn what price alerts are and how to set them up.

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What are price alerts?

If you are keen to buy an asset (or sell one that you own) and are waiting for the asset to reach a specific price point - price alerts will make your life much easier! If you have a price point in mind - you will be able to set up an alert for that specific asset and Shares will send you a notification when the asset will reach the specified price. You are able to set up alerts both, for assets that you own and also assets that you are considering investing in. There are no limits - you can set up as many price alerts per asset as you wish.

How can I set up a price alert?

Pick an asset that you’re interested in and click on the bell icon at the top right corner of the Instrument details page. Follow the instructions to set up an alert - it will only take a couple of clicks. If you wish to set up more alerts - click on the icon and go through the process again.

Screenshot of the stock Dropbox.

If you want to preview or delete your alerts - simply scroll down where you will be able to see the list of alerts you’ve set up. Click on the cross and the alert will be deleted.

Screenshot of a price alert

What will happen when an asset reaches the price point?

Shares will send you a notification and your price alert will disappear from the list. If you wish to track the same price again - you’ll have to set up another notification.

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