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Where can I find the details of my Investment Plan?
Where can I find the details of my Investment Plan?

Learn how to check the information about your existing Investment Plan, and how to find trade confirmations for the executed trades

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*Available in France only.

You can easily display all the details about your existing Investment Plans in the Shares app, by opening the main screen in the app and scrolling down to the Investment Plans section. Here you can find all your active Investment Plans. Tap on the chosen plan to display all its details.

Here on top of the screen you can find the name of your plan, and the date when the plan was created. Below, you can find two fields:

  • Total invested - shows the total amount of money you invested in this plan already (amount multiplied by the number of successful executions until today),

  • Executions - the number of times this plan was successfully executed so far.

Order details

When you scroll down, you can find your Order details, including the payment method, next buy (when the plan is set to execute next), privacy settings of the trade, interval (on which day the order is set to execute and how frequently) and amount (showing how much you invest in this plan on recurring basis).


This section shows the assets included in your Investment Plan, and the allocation of the invested funds to each of the assets.


Here you can see each of the times when your Investment Plan was executed. Tap on the selected activity to display its details. In the details screen of the selected activity you can also find the Breakdown section, which shows each of the bought assets in the plan. To see the details of the trade of the selected asset and a trade confirmation, simply tap on the asset under the Breakdown.

*Keep in mind that the activity section only shows the events when the entire Investment Plan was executed (i.e. if some of the assets in the plan weren’t bought yet, because of the market closure, this activity is not visible yet).

If you’d like to know more about how to edit or cancel your existing plan, check out our article: How to edit / cancel my Investment Plan?.

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