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What are the differences between Custom and Managed Plans?
What are the differences between Custom and Managed Plans?

Find out what makes Custom Plans different from the Managed Plans

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*Available in France only.

Custom and Managed Plans both automate the process of investing in a predetermined set of assets on a scheduled basis. However, they differ greatly in their approach and user control.

  • Custom Plan: You can choose up to 20 assets and set up your own allocation per asset. You have the option to invest weekly or monthly, depending on your preferences.

  • Managed Plan: these are portfolios crafted by Shares. We select the assets and the allocation, and rebalance the portfolio every few months. There are various plans, but we'll recommend you one based on the answers you provide to our questionnaire, which include your investment goals, risk tolerance, or ESG preference.

Another important difference is the fee structure, both Plans are free to open. However, Managed Plans come with an annual management fee of 1% of the total Plan value, which is charged monthly. The management fee is based on the total value of the assets in the Managed Plan. It is calculated daily at the end of the day, based on the total Plan value and then aggregated monthly. However, we are currently not charging this management fee until September 2024.

In summary, Custom Plans provide autonomy and flexibility, making them ideal for investors seeking more control over their portfolio. Managed Plans, on the other hand, offer streamlined professional management, making them suitable to investors who prefer a structured, hands-off approach.

To learn more about each Plan in detail, check out our What are Investment Plans? and How do Managed Plans work? articles.

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