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To better analyze each of your stock holdings, tap on the specific position in the portfolio section. You can see the instrument screen with details on this position.

It consists of the following sections:

  • Price chart

  • Community

  • Investments

  • Pending orders

  • About

  • Your following

  • Key stats

  • Analyst ratings

  • News

  • Activity

  • Featured in

  • Price alerts

Price chart

Picture of Instrument details page

Above the price chart, you can find the Total current value of the position and the percentage change your position experienced during the selected period.

To identify the percentage change of your position at a specific time within a selected time period, tap on the chart and navigate to the required time. The scale of the chart depends on the time range selected below the chart:

1D = 1 Day

1W = 1 Week

1M = 1 Month

1Y = 1 Year

5Y = 5 Years


If the particular stock you are looking at has a community on the Shares app, you can see a tab called “Community” right underneath the price chart. Tapping on this tab will show you the recent posts in the community.

If the stock you are looking at does not have a community, this tab will not appear here.


Picture of the investments section

  • Position value - the current value of your open position, including the transaction costs.

  • Gain (or Loss) - the total loss or gain of your current investment in this stock, excluding the transaction costs.

When you click on

Picture of the information icon

- it shows the current return of the open position of the stock.

When investing on an exchange with a foreign currency, the FX rate impacts your return. Here you can see your actual gain/loss adjusted to fluctuations in the currency exchange rate.

  • Shares owned - the amount of shares you own.

  • Avg cost - the average cost at which you bought the stock. When you buy the stock more than once at different prices, the average of these prices is displayed. This section excludes transaction costs.

Pending orders

Any orders that you have scheduled when the market is closed, and are yet to be executed, will be displayed in this section. You can tap on the orders in this section to cancel or view the details.


The about section displays a brief overview about the company and the services they provide.

Your following

The “Your following” section displays the people you follow on Shares who own or watch this stock.

Key stats

Picture of the key stats section
  • Market cap - the total valuation of the company.

  • P/E ratio - the price to earnings ratio.

  • EPS - earnings per stock.

  • Div.Yield - dividend payout percentage annually.

  • Beta - the measure of volatility in relation to the overall market.

  • Avg. volume - the volume of shares that are traded.

Analyst ratings

Analyst ratings are ratings given by analysts who specifically focus on researching publicly listed companies. The rating scale ranges from “Strong sell” - “Hold” - Strong buy”.

You can check more details about analyst ratings here: What are analyst ratings?


The news section displays all the latest news articles available for this particular stock. You can swipe right to see different news articles relating to this stock.

You can check details about news here: News in Shares


The “Activities” section displays all the trades you have executed for this particular stock and the dividends you may have received for this particular stock. You can click on any specific activity to view the details.

Featured in

The “Featured in” section allows you to discover stocks that are similar to the particular stock you are currently looking at. To check out the collection of stocks, just tap on the respective collection.

Price alerts

Any price alerts you may have set for this particular stock will be displayed in this section. A particular price alert can be cancelled by tapping on the “X” button right next to it. Price alerts can also be set for this particular stock from the instrument details by tapping the “Bell” icon on the top of the instrument details page.

You can check more details about price alerts here: What are price alerts?

If you would like to analyze and understand your entire portfolio, you can check this article: What can I see on my invest screen?

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