We at Shares want to make the concept of social trading a reality.

We believe that sharing ideas can be very impactful, especially when those ideas are from your friends. We have created many ways in which you can socialise your trades and share your ideas among your friends.

Here is how we have made it possible for you.

  • Set a status - All your trades will be posted as a status depending on your privacy preferences. You can also comment and like other people’s statuses.

  • Watchlist - A watchlist is a way in which you can monitor various stocks and cryptocurrencies (according to which of those assets are available in your country of residence) closely along with your friends. Read more about watchlists here.

  • Group chats - You can also create a group chat among your friends and share your ideas. To create a group chat, click Creating and managing new chats.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and discover the whole new world of social trading with us 😉.

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