How to sell stocks?

All the steps you need to know to sell stocks.

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*Stock trading: countries: UK, France, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg

To place a sell order:

1. Go to the Invest screen by tapping

Arrow pointing upwards

on the bottom left of the navigation bar.

2. Find the stock you want to sell under “Portfolio”.

3. Once the stock details screen has opened, press the “Sell” button.

You can sell stocks both during and outside of market hours (for more information on market hours in the US and EU stock markets, see the Market hours article). Orders placed during market hours will be executed right away. Out-of-market orders, on the other hand, will be queued and executed once the market opens.

4. On the next screen, you will see an indication of the current stock price. Now you have to enter the value of the stocks you want to sell, you will need to enter the amount of money and Shares will calculate the estimated number of shares you will sell (you can also press the “Sell all” button to sell all your holdings in all of your stocks).

5. The next screen is the order review screen, showing an indicative stock price, an indicative amount of money you could receive from the sale, service fee and the indicative total amount of money you could receive from the sale. All prices are indicative until the trade has been executed and confirmed, this is because markets are moving all the time and whilst we will do our best to get the best price for you, it will not always be possible.

6. After reviewing the order, tap on confirm. You will now be navigated to the page where you can do the following:

  • Add a note and GIF if you wish. In the note, you can also mention other users by taping on the “@” symbol visible on the screen, or typing "@" followed by their username. After selecting or typing "@", you will be presented with a list of a few username options to choose from; otherwise, you can continue to type the username that you want to tag, and the app will autocomplete the list so that you can select the matched username.

  • Customise the visibility settings of your trade, e.g. public, followers or private.

7. When you’re ready, confirm your choice and that’s it. You have just sold your stocks!

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