*Stock trading, countries: UK only.

During market hours you have the possibility to place market orders.

The Market Order is an order to buy or sell stocks at the best available current price 💵, executed immediately during market hours.

It is important to note that the last traded price is not necessarily the price at which a market order will be executed. Due to fast-moving markets, other orders might be executed before. It might also happen that a large market order will be executed at different prices.

The market hours are the hours when the NASDAQ & NYSE are operating, the stock market is open during working days according to the schedule below.


From the second Sunday in March to the fourth Sunday in March | UK time: 13:30 - 20:00 GMT // New York time: 9:30 - 16:00 EDT

From the last Monday in March to the second Sunday in March | UK time: 14:30 - 21:00 GMT // New York time: 9:30 - 16:00 EDT

Any market order placed outside market order will be set to pending and executed with an opening price upon the next market day.

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