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How do I read the Gain/Loss screen?
How do I read the Gain/Loss screen?

Find out more information about the Gain/Loss screen in the app.

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*Stock trading, countries: UK only.

To display the valuations of your investments more precisely, you can check the Gain/Loss screen. Tapping on the information icon next to Gain/Loss under any of your investments will lead you to the Gain/Loss screen. The Gain/Loss screen consists of the following,

Screenshot of the Gain/Loss screen

Gain/Loss - Your gains or losses from your investment is displayed here, excluding the FX rate impact.

FX rate impact - This section will display the impact of the difference between the foreign currencies (USD and GBP) on your investment. Depending on the market conditions, this may impact your investment positively or negatively. To learn more about FX rate impact, click here: What is FX rate impact, and why does it affect my investment?

Total gain/loss - Depending on whether your investment is in a profit or a loss, this section will be displayed as “Gain” or “Loss” respectively. This section displays the gain or loss of your portfolio, including the FX rate impact.

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