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How do I set up a recurring order (Auto-Invest)?
How do I set up a recurring order (Auto-Invest)?

Check out the step-by-step procedure to setup a recurring order.

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Recurring orders are currently available only for purchasing assets and not for selling them. To set up a recurring buy order, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the asset you would like to set up the recurring buy order for and tap on “Buy”.

  2. Buy orders are set to market orders by default. Tap on “Market order” to change the order type. After tapping on it, the “Order type” page will appear. Choose “Auto-invest”.

  3. Now you have to set the frequency of the recurring order. You have the option to choose from the following:

    • Weekly: Choose a day to buy once a week, every week

    • Monthly: Choose a day to buy once a month, every month
      Please note that if you try to set up a recurring order for stocks on weekends, the app will show you a disclaimer and automatically set the recurring orders to a Monday. In case of market closure due to a holiday on the set date, the order will be executed on the next trading day.

  4. After setting the frequency, you have to specify the amount you would like to repeatedly invest. Every order that recurs is set up for the same amount that you have specified while initially setting up the recurring order. Now tap on “Review”.

  5. The “Order review” page will pop up which displays when the recurring buy starts, the frequency, the service fee and the total amount. After reviewing the order, tap on “Confirm” if you wish to proceed with the recurring order.

  6. Choose the visibility setting for your trade.
    Note: The recurring order trade is only posted for the first time, which includes the information that the particular order is a recurring order. We will never show the exact amount you’ve spent on any order. Your followers will be able to see only the asset symbol, the executed price of your chosen asset, your display name, your picture, a note, and GIF should you wish to include one. You can choose from:

    • Public - visible to all Shares users

    • Followers - only people who you have connected with will be able to see the trade in the Social feed.

    • Private Mode - visible to no one on Shares.

  7. Tap on “Done” and you have successfully set up your recurring order.

To set up a recurring order, you can also tap on the “Auto-invest” button on the Instrument details screen of an asset, or access the section Auto-invest on your Invest screen.

*Please keep in mind that Shares provides different assets to our users depending on the country from which you registered. Please see the "Countries currently supported" article to see which assets are available to you.

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