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How Shares can support you?
How Shares can support you?

Find out what kind of support you can count on receiving from Shares.

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How does Shares support customers going through a tough time?

At Shares, our mission is to help all our customers in the best way we can and want to create a space in which our users feel safe! We understand the importance of physical and mental well being and the impact it can have in our day to day lives. Whether you are having money worries or going through a difficult time, our support team is here to help you.

Our Support Team

Our excellent support team is ready and willing to offer you assistance if needed. If you have any conditions that affect the way you handle money and the way in which you trade, please reach out to us so we can offer ways to support you.

Here's how you can reach us: How can I contact Shares support?

Here's how you can use Shares to meet your accessibility needs: Enhancing your accessibility needs with Shares.

Protecting Vulnerable Customers

What is a vulnerable customer?

A vulnerable customer is someone who, due to their personal circumstances, is especially susceptible to hardship, particularly when a firm is not acting with appropriate levels of care.

Which factors may contribute to customer vulnerability?

A customer may be considered vulnerable if they possess any of the characteristics below:

  • Health - health conditions or illnesses that affect ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

  • Life events – life events such as bereavement, retirement, domestic violence, job loss or relationship breakdown.

  • Resilience – low ability to withstand financial, over indebtedness or low emotional resilience.

  • Capability – low knowledge of financial matters or low confidence in managing money (financial capability). Low capability in other relevant areas such as literacy, poor english language skills, learning difficulties or low or non-existent digital skills.

How can Vulnerability impact our customers at Shares?

  • As our product is digital-only, the most important consideration is in ensuring that product design and availability are built with vulnerable customers in mind.

  • Low capability in managing money could affect a customer’s ability to make trading decisions, especially in relation to high risk products.

  • Certain life events such as financial hardship, sudden illness to either customer or close family member, bereavement, addiction- related health conditions, such as gambling addiction or relationship breakdown may lead to reckless or emotionally-driven investment decisions.

How does Shares support vulnerable customers?

At Shares we do not have a standard checklist that defines what may or may not be vulnerable. If you believe you might be impacted by any characteristics of vulnerability, it is important that you let us as soon as possible.

Steps we may take in response to customer vulnerability

Shares have policies and procedures designed to protect and support our vulnerable users. Our approach is to treat vulnerability case by case and ensure we are protecting our vulnerable customers whilst putting all our customers at the heart of our business no matter the situation.

Where else can I seek help from?

At Shares we understand that sometimes the situation you are dealing with may require specialist advice or you may not want to approach us. For further help and assistance you may seek external support from the following organisations:




Stress / sustained frustration

0300 123 3393

Inability / struggle to cope with the current situation

116 123

Elderly and difficulty managing with their situation

0333 150 3456

Financial concerns / worry

0808 808 4000

0800 138 1111

Victim of fraud

0300 123 2040

Existing medical condition / illness / injury (cancer related)

0808 808 00 00

Physical disability

see website


0808 808 1677

Family concerns (divorce / impact on small children)

0333 335 0489

0800 1111

Telephone: 0345 345 4 345

Minicom: 0345 609 6677

General advice and support

Adviceline (England): 0800 144 8848

Advicelink (Wales): 0800 702 2020

Relay UK - if you can't hear or speak on the phone, you can type what you want to say: 18001 then 0800 144 8884

Other useful links

0808 196 3651

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