How to create a Managed Plan?

Learn how to create a Managed Plan in our app

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*Available in France only.

To create a Managed Plan:

1. In case it’s the first Plan you’re creating: Open your Invest (home) screen, scroll down to the Investment Plans section and tap on the “Create your first Plan” banner.

1.1. In case you already have some active Investment Plans: scroll down to the Investment Plans section and select: “Create a new Plan”.

2. Select “Managed”, to set up a Managed Plan.

3. Answer a few simple questions about your investment goals, investment horizon, investing experience, monthly savings, risk assessment, risk appetite, and ESG preferences.

4. Based on your answers, we’ll recommend a Managed Plan for you. We’ll provide you with a simulated 5Y return of the Plan, its risk score, as well as Risk metrics, to help you understand how this Plan is simulated to perform in the future. Once you get familiar with the details of the Plan, tap on “Continue”.

5. Specify the amount* you want to invest on a recurring basis (monthly). The minimum amount you can invest in a Managed Plan is 100 EUR and the maximum is 4,500 EUR.

*To set up a Managed Plan you must have a debit card linked to your Shares account. If you didn’t link your card yet, simply tap on “Add your debit card” and fill in the necessary details first.

6. Customise the name of your Plan. You can also change the emoji, which will be displayed next to the Plan name, by tapping on it.

7. Review the details of your order and make sure to check the “I agree to authorise automatic debit card payments” box.

8. Get familiar with the Acknowledgements and tap on “Confirm all”. That’s it - your Managed Plan order is set up and ready to execute as soon as the markets are open. 🎉

Keep in mind that you can create one Managed Plan in our app. In case your investment needs change in the future, you can always delete your Plan and create a brand new one. Learn how to cancel your existing Plan in our article: How to edit / cancel my Investment Plan?

If you have any questions or need help with setting up your Plan, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team, we will be happy to help. 🙂

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