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How do I deposit funds using a debit card?

Check out how you can deposit funds using debit cards.

Updated yesterday

For our members from the EU countries using Personal accounts (where debit cards are supported), the deposit with a Debit Card is available only from the second deposit onwards. The very first deposit needs to be made via Open Banking or Regular Bank Transfer.

To make a deposit using your debit card, open the deposit flow by tapping on the Deposit option in the “Cash” section on your Home screen and choose “Debit card” as your deposit method.

Card deposits are free of charge, the entire sum you deposit will reach your Shares account.

However, you might be subject to additional charges by your bank when depositing funds in the EU. Also, if you are making the deposit from a different currency account to your Shares account (please check the available payment methods and currencies here: How can I deposit funds to my Shares account?), you might be subject to currency conversion fees by your bank.

​Minimum and maximum amounts

  • Minimum deposit amount: £5 in the UK and €5 in the EU countries. For Business accounts* the minimum deposit amount is €500.

  • Maximum deposit amount: £5,000 in the UK and €5000 in the EU countries.

*Business accounts are a unique option available only for our French members for now. Learn more in our article: What are Business accounts and who can create them?.

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