How can I withdraw?

Find out how to withdraw from your Shares account.

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To withdraw money from your Shares account, you need to have a payment method linked to your Shares account. Once you deposit funds to your Shares account, your payment method gets linked to the application. You can use this linked payment method to withdraw funds from your Shares account.

Depending on the country of your residence, the payment methods available to you may vary. To check the available payment methods, you can check this article: How can I deposit funds to my account?

  • Once you have a payment method linked to your Shares account, please navigate to the “Cash” section present on the Investing home screen.

  • You will be able to withdraw the funds present under “Withdrawable cash” to your linked payment method.

  • Specify the amount, tap on “Withdraw” and initiate the withdrawal.

If you want to check out the withdrawal time frames for various payment method s, check: How long does the withdrawal take?

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