How do I make a regular bank transfer?

Learn how to make a regular bank transfer.

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If you have a verified Shares account, you will have the option to make deposits to your Shares account through a regular bank transfer directly from your banking app to your Shares account. Depending on your country of residence, you will be able to make deposits only in the respective currency available in your country (please check the available deposit methods and currencies here). We do not charge any commission on deposits made through regular bank transfer. However, if you are making the transfer from a different currency account, you might be subject to currency conversion fees by your bank. Please get in touch with your bank to identify the fee on such transfers.

Few things to note before you start:

You can only make a regular bank transfer from an account in your name. According to our Terms and Conditions, it is prohibited to make deposits from or to a third party account.

Making a regular bank transfer:

To make a bank transfer, choose “Regular bank transfer” as your deposit method (you won’t need to choose if it is the only deposit method in your country) – you will see the details of your Shares account to transfer money to. Tap on the “Copy” icon next to a field, paste the info to your banking app and make the transfer. Once your deposit is completed, your bank account will be linked to your Shares app so you can withdraw funds to it.


If your bank supports SEPA Instant, your deposit will usually arrive immediately after you initiated the transfer. After your deposit is processed, you will receive a push notification that the funds are available for you to invest.

Regular SEPA transfers (if your bank is not part of SEPA Instant) can take up to 1-3 business days.

If you face any issues, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team, we will be sure to help you out :)

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