The Activity feed lets you see trading activity performed by other users on the app, once they have chosen their preferred visibility setting. To open this feed, simply click

on the bottom navigation bar.

On the Activity feed screen, you will see two tabs: "Friends" and "Public". "Public" shows all the activities that were made public by Shares users and "Friends" tab allows you to view your friends' activity only.

If a trade was made public it will be marked with this icon:

If a trade is visible only to friends it will be marked with this icon:

What can I do on the activity screen (both on the Public and Friends tab)?

  • Like the trades

  • Comment on the trades

  • Add people to your friends list by clicking on their profile photo

What can I see within the Activity Tabs?

Where will my trade pop-up once it’s done?

*In case you select Public trade visibility, your friends will see your trade in the Friends activity feed only, while all other users of the Shares app will see it in the Public activity feed.

**Your trade will pop up in the Friends activity feed as a ghost trade: without any details on who did the trade.

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