Introducing the Social feed

Everything about the Social feed on Shares.

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The Social feed displays trading activity by users you follow on the Shares app, as well as posts made by specific Shares users (for example, Premium Investors, French Founding Members, and so on). To access this feed, simply tap on the icon below on the bottom navigation bar.

Trade visibility settings

The trades that appear on your Social feed are controlled by the visibility settings set by the user while making the trade. Currently, when creating a buy or sell for an asset on Shares, you have two options: Followers and Ghost mode.

  • In case the user selects “Followers” trade visibility, you will see their trades with the details on your Social feed.

  • If the user selects “Ghost trade”: you will see the trade on your Social feed without any details on who did the trade.

To know more about the visibility settings check: How to define the visibility of your trades in the Social feed?

On the Social feed, you can:

  • Like the trades/posts

  • Comment on the trades/posts

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