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How do you search for different assets?
How do you search for different assets?

Explore how to search for different assets you are interested in on Shares

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Open the app and navigate to the Explore section (the magnifying glass) on the tab bar at the bottom of the app. Here you can:

  • Type in the name or ticker name* of the asset you are looking for in the search field located at the top of the screen.

  • Tap on the search field to see the available asset categories, such as stocks, crypto, and ETFs, depending on the assets available to you.

    • You can filter through an entire class by tapping on that category (Stocks, ETFs or Crypto) with the following options:

      • Performance - available for stocks, ETFs and crypto (When selecting this filter you can specify the min % change in the performance of the asset in the selected time frame - a day/week/month/year),

      • Market cap - available for stocks, ETFs and crypto (This filter is based on the total market value of a company’s shares. The market cap is calculated by multiplying the total number of shares a company’s issued by its current share price),

      • Sectors - available for stocks and ETFs,

      • Dividend yield - available for stocks only,

      • Countries - available for ETFs only,

      • Issuers - available for ETFs only.

  • Search through Collections - you can find stocks grouped by categories and a separate collection dedicated to the ETFs. When you tap on a specific collection, the following filters will be visible, to help you narrow down the results: Performance, Market cap, Sectors, Dividend yield. *Collections section is visible for users with access to trading stocks and ETFs only.

  • In the Explore section you can also search for other users on Shares - simply type in the name of the user you’re looking for. Tap on the “Users” filter to narrow down your results.

*A ticker name is a unique symbol assigned to the asset by which it can be easily identified. In the Shares app, the tickers are displayed under the name of the asset.

If you were unable to find the asset you were searching for, you can request it to be added. Check out how to do it here: How to request an asset?

*Note: the availability of different assets in the Shares app differs according to the country you’re registered from. Check which assets are available in your country in the article: Countries currently supported.

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