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How can I view the list of available ETFs on Shares?
How can I view the list of available ETFs on Shares?

Check out how to view the list of all available ETFs on Shares

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*ETFs trading, countries: France.

The list of available ETFs on Shares can be accessed in two ways: the Screener and the ETFs collection, both of which are located on the Explore screen.

Once you've accessed the list of available ETFs via the Screener or the ETFs collection on the Explore screen, you can refine the display based on your preferences by using the sorting criteria listed below:

  1. A-Z: Sorts the ETFs alphabetically, making it easier to find specific ETFs or navigate through the list.

  2. Performance: Sorting by performance arranges the ETFs based on their historical performance, allowing you to identify top-performing options.

  3. Market Cap: Sorting by market capitalization enables you to find ETFs with different levels of exposure to companies of various sizes (such as large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap).

  4. Dividend Yield: By sorting by dividend yield, you can identify ETFs that place a high priority on dividend income.

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