To check your account activity:

  1. Access your Profile by clicking on your picture in the top right corner of the Investing screen

  2. Choose the “Activity” section

  3. You will find here a summary of all your account activities in chronological order starting from the most recent.

  4. By clicking on a specific activity you can find out all details of the trade.

The following activities are covered in this section:

  • Top-ups - how much money has been topped up to date. To top up your account, you will need to either link your bank account to your Shares account first or do it via debit card (debit cards are only available for the UK users at the moment). Please visit the articles under these links to get more information as to how that can be done: How do I use open banking? How do I top up by debit card?

  • Money Withdrawals - how much money has been withdrawn to date. For more information, please see How to withdraw

  • Assets purchased - the amount purchased in each position

  • Assets sold - the amount sold in each position.

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