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What can I see on my invest screen?
What can I see on my invest screen?

All the details about the invest screen.

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*Stock trading: countries: UK, France, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg

When you open the app you will land on the Invest screen. Here you can see all the details about your investments in our app.

*If you have access to trading more than one type of asset in our app, your Invest screen will be divided into two tabs: Equities (here you can find your stocks and ETFs investments - if available) and Crypto (here you can find your crypto investments - if available, read: How do I understand my crypto portfolio? to learn more about understanding your Crypto Portfolio).

On the Invest screen you can find several different sections, as described further below. Please keep in mind that the sections you see on the Invest screen are specific to the selected tab (i.e. in the Crypto tab you can see values relevant to your crypto investments only). Check the Countries currently supported article to see which assets are available to you, depending on the country from which you are registered.

Price chart

Above the price chart, you can find the total current value of the portfolio and the percentage change that happened during the selected period.

You can tap on any part of the chart to see the value of your portfolio at a point in time. The value and percentage of your portfolio will be updated above the chart at the "tapped" moment compared to the first price point on the chart. The value in this field will be positive when your portfolio is in profit and negative when your portfolio is in loss. Accordingly, the graph will change its colour - green for the positive value and red for the negative value.

The scale of the chart depends on the time range selected below the chart:

1D = 1 Day

1W = 1 Week

1M = 1 Month

1Y = 1 Year

ALL = Whole history available.


Below the chart you can find the “Cash” section, displaying your available funds in the app. Tap on it to see the details, make a deposit, withdraw funds, link or unlink your payment method.

Market commentary

*This section is visible only for FR and UK users

Underneath your Cash section you can see a set of cards, showing some of the latest market updates about the assets available in the app, by our team*. Each card has two buttons. One of the buttons allows you to navigate to the instrument details screen of the specific asset, while tapping on the “Next” button moves you to a new card. Once you view all the displayed cards that day, a new set should appear here, when available.

*Our news sources for these updates include but are not limited to: Reuters, CNBC, CNN, Investor's Business Daily, Yahoo Finance,, Forbes, MarketWatch, Barron's, Financial Times. Shares does not provide investment advice.


  • Invested amount = the total amount invested in the currently held positions, excluding transaction costs,

  • Gain/Loss = the gain/loss on your currently invested amount, excluding transaction costs.

If you tap on “More details”, a screen with insights into your portfolio performance will appear. Check out our article: How to understand my Portfolio Insights? to learn more about this section.


This section displays the stocks you hold. With the icon that has two arrows, you can sort them by:

  • Daily return of your investment in %,

  • All-time return of your investment in %,

  • All-time Investment gain/loss in your local currency,

  • Allocation of this instrument in your portfolio in %.

To understand the analytics of each of your stock holdings separately, check this article: How to read my instrument details screen?

Pending orders

This section displays all the orders you have scheduled and are yet to be executed (for example stock orders placed outside of market hours). Read: Why is my market order pending? article to find different reasons why your market order may be pending.

Dividend calendar

This section displays any upcoming dividend payments that you are eligible for. The dividend calendar section is visible only if you hold at least one stock for which you are eligible to receive a dividend payout, and the dividend has been announced. To learn more about the Dividend Calendar, check out our article Where can I find information about my upcoming dividend payments?.


This section shows a preview of your watchlist. Tapping on “More details” will display all the added assets. Check What is a Watchlist, and how can I create one? article to learn more about managing your Watchlist.

Top movers & Most traded on Shares

These two sections show the previews of the best and worst performing stocks (Top movers) and the most commonly bought and sold stocks on Shares (Most traded on Shares). Tapping on “See all” will display all assets in each list. You can easily sort both lists, according to your preferences.

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