When you navigate to the investing home screen, you can view your entire portfolio based on various aspects as below,

Your invest screen consists of 3 main sections:

  1. Price chart

  2. Investments

  3. Portfolio

Picture of the invest screen

Price chart

Above the price chart, you can find the Total current value of the portfolio and the percentage change that happened during the selected period.

You can tap on any part of the chart to see the value of your portfolio at a point in time. The value will be updated above the chart, specifying the value at a chosen moment in the past. The value in this field will be positive when your portfolio is in profit and negative when your portfolio is in loss. Accordingly, the graph will change its color - green for the positive value and red for the negative value.

Tapping on a chart will also allow you to see the percentage of the value change of the portfolio at the “tapped” moment compared to the first price point on the chart. The scale of the chart depends on the time range selected below the chart:

1D = 1 Day

1W = 1 Week

1M = 1 Month

1Y = 1 Year

ALL = Whole history available


  1. Invested amount is the current value of your investment, including your profit and loss and the transaction costs.

  2. The gain/loss section displays the gain/loss on your currently invested amount. This section excludes transaction costs.


This section displays the stocks you hold. You can sort them by:

  • The investment return from the lowest loss to the highest loss.

  • The investment gain/loss from the lowest loss to the highest loss or from the highest gain to the lowest gain.

  • The total position value from the highest to the lowest value.

To understand the analytics of each of your stock holdings separately, check this article: How to read my instrument details screen?

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